WAGs Tattoos

WAGs Tattoos

Kelly has :

– Roses around her right wrist
– A red tear on her left wrist
– Geographic coordinates on her right elbow
– A sentence on her left elbow which seems to be “Love ig Ly…” I can’t identify exactly the words
– A draw on her foot
– Three zodiac signs on her right ribs : Cancer, Leo and Scorpio

Isa has :

– A little fish on her left elbow

– A triangle on her left wrist

Sandra has :

– A christian cross on her left wrist

– Three words on her left wrist

– A sentence (seems to be in Polish) on her right bicep

Katerina has :

– A rose on her right forearm

– Seems to be a date on her left arm

– A star on her right heel

– A moon on her left heel

– A little heart on her ankle


No tattoos seen : Carmen, Sara, Charlotte, Elena, Minttu, Carola, Tiffany and Linda

Impossible to know : Antonella, Hanna, Justine

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