Little talk with Sophie

Little talk with Sophie

Former karting champion and dreaming of a career in F1, Sophie Kumpen has given up everything to focus on the education and career of her children: Max and Victoria Verstappen. She came back for us, on her career, her dreams in motorsport and the life she leads today as an interior designer.

“Hello Sophie, how are you ?

– Good thanks, and you ?

– Great thanks, so let me introduce you, you’re 44 years old belgian woman. You have been a driver in some categories like Formula A. You’re the mom of Max and Victoria. As i said you had a career in karting, can you tell us a little bit more about it ? Did you want to go to F1 or was it just a hobby ?

– I started karting at 10 until 21 years old, it was just me and one or two girls in the field of boys. I was two time Belgian champion, I won trophy Margutti and two in Japan (Sugo). I drove against Trulli, Fisichellla, Magnussen (Jan, dad of Kevin), Jos (dad of Max) even Christian Horner. That was my generation… I wanted to go to F1, I’ve tested some race cars, then I married Max’s dad and I had to make a choice… He was driving F1, in that time we were a way so much. So, I gave up my dream but now I see my son realizing what I ever wanted to do and I enjoy it as much !

– I’m sorry that you gave up your dream, but what Max actually achieved in F1 is really amazing and it’s partly thanks to you. Even Victoria, she became a beautiful business woman

– I’m so proud to be their mother ! Max, of course, because he achieved his dream ! And Victoria developed into a beautiful woman with so much determination and has transformed so much the past years into a young beautiful woman. She found the perfect boyfriend who stimulates her to work out and they’re having thier first child in December, so I’m gonna be a grandma looking forward

– Do you sometimes give to Max some advice on how to drive or how to approach a grand prix ?

– I don’t really give Max advice, but we talk about the racing, because we have the same interest and racing is my passion too.

– That’s great ! Do you think you’re going to a GP this season ? What do you think of the championship this season ? And the return of several historic GP

– I’m not going to a race this year… It’s good that we can race due to COVID19 ! So I’m happy we can have racing ! Sadly, Max already retired 3 of the 9 races, so the fight for the championship is over… But I hope we will see some more exciting races. I loved to see the track Mugello and happy they gave the opportunity to race. It’s refreshing…

– Yes I really enjoyed the race in Mugello too ! I can’t wait to see Portimao. This pandemic have change so many things, so how did you experience the lockdown ?

Lockdown was not that hard for me, because I live alone with my 2 dogs… I’ve been working out every day, did a lot of walking with my dogs, enjoyed the nature. I just missed to see my kids. I didn’t see Max a lot this year, normally I go to some races and try to visit him in Monaco ! Now you appreciate a lot more what you have, it gave us a reason to think about live and the best news came : Victoria was pregnant. Unfortunately, my dad passed away, so 2020 is a year with mixed emotions for me

– So sorry for your lost. You will soon become a grandmother as you said, it’s a big change ! – Can’t wait to meet baby boy. I will be a young grandma then, but I love kids. For sure I wil be a COOL, FAST grandma

– If I’m right you’re interior designer ? Do you have project in progress ? – I’m building my house at the moment and of course I did the interior design that’s what I love to do. Can’t wait for moving in

– So happy for you ! Last question, what’s your best memory in F1 or karting ? – My best memory in karting : the win in Italy (Margutti Trophy). In F1, the Max’s first win race for Red Bull. I’ve started since to burn a candle and now I’m doing it every race on Thursday. I go to the little church here in town and I burn a candle and make a prayer then, I send the picture to Max

– Oh such a cute attention ! Thanks you so much for this little talk, I really enjoyed it !

– You’re welcome, it was pleasure for me too”

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