Little talk with Giada

Little talk with Giada

Future accountant, Giada looks back on the difficult times she went through this year as well as on lockdown, her life and her future professional and personal projects.

“Hello Giada ! How are you ?

– Very well thanks and you ?

– Fine as well. Let me introduce you, you’re an Italian student, leaving in Monaco, very appreciated by fans. You’re known as Charles Leclerc’s ex girlfriend, how did you felt after everything that happened with Charles and Charlotte ?

– I suffered a lot but my family and friends where here to support me and I thank to them l’m fine now. It’s now 1 year of all of this. I will always respect Charles and his decisions and thanks to him I’m stronger than ever and I found real love again and healthy love. I wish him all the best for his career.

– I’m happy for you ! So you’re with someone actually ?

– Yes his name is Maxime and like my mom always said to me: « si chiude una porta, si apre un portone » only italian people will understand this expression. I’m very happy and fulfilled. I’m very lucky to have him. We share the same values and we have the same life project

– Speaking of projects, do you have any in progress or planned ?

– For the moment my priority is to finish my studies to after find a job and then to buy a house to become independant and after maybe to start a family like everybody

– Oh that’s a great projet ! And where are you in your studies right now ?

– This year normaly I will finish my licence and I will be an accountant. If I want I can stop my studies and search a job but I will continue to do a master degree in Paris. I have finished my exams last week and it was very intense

– What do you want to do after ?

– I don’t know but maybe I will work with my dad in his society

– How did you experience the lockdown ?

– Very very good. I was able to focus on myself and appreciate time with my family. Thanks to the lock down I understood a lot of things about life and that I found peace and happiness again. I did a lot of sport, ate a lot too and time to ressource me. I found out a passion about cooking. Thanks to the lock down I understand how much is important and I’m grateful to have a beautiful family and real friends by my side

– I think we all find a passion for cooking haha… Do you still watch F1 ? If so, what do you think about the championship this year ?

– Yes I still watch F1 every week-end with my boyfriend we watch the race and I support Ferrari because of the history but others teams also or drivers. This year unfortunately Mercedes is unbeatable so we all know that they will win the championship

– That’s true, and now the thing that many fans wants to know how is Napoleone doing ?

– Napoleone is doing well thanks and I’m searching a female because I would like him to do babies so if anybody have a female chocolate labrador contact me please

– Oh little Napoleone’s puppies so cute ! Maybe a difficult question, but if you had to give three words to describe yourself ?

– Sincere/Loyal, Affectionate, Diligent

– It fit you well. Many page have opened about wags and exwags’ style, what is your favorite clothing brand ?

– I have a lot of favourite clothing brand like Zara, Maje, Sandro, Max Mara but also Penny black and Sisley

– Ohh decidedly you are many to appreciate Zara and Maje, and finally my last question, what is your most beautiful trip ? Have you planned to make one soon ?

– My most beautiful trip has been probably Bali because it’s a very beautiful country and people are so true and simple. I really loved it and also it was with my best friend Léa. And yes my dream is to go in South Africa to make a Safari or in Cancun with my friends family

– Good choice ! So thanks for this little interview and I wish you the best for the future

– You’re welcome, and thanks !”

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