Little talk with Gertraud

Little talk with Gertraud

Wife of the Haas’ team principal : Guenther, Gertraud Steiner looks back at her life and the changes that the arrival of Haas in F1 brought to it.

“- Hello Gertraud, happy to have you here, how are you ?

– Good thanks and you ?

– Fine thanks, could you introduce yourself for the fans who doesn’t know you ?

– Sure, my name is Gertraud Steiner, I live in the United States, mother of Greta and the better half of Guenther Steiner

– And what is your job ?
– I used to teach when we were living in Italy, I studied Modern Languages and Literature and once we moved to England I was still doing my Thesis on Shakespeare and giving private German lessons. At the moment I am a full time mom and want to be there for Greta as Guenther is traveling so much.
– What was the subject of you thesis ? I love shakespeare !
– It was about the Merchant of Venice compared with Arnold Wesker’s.

– Oh very interesting ! And do you some projects planned for the future ?

– As a mom you have to do a lot of driving your child to school or afternoon activities and usually you have to wait on them. That’s also the time when I started to doodle, making art and now trying a complete new medium, watercolors I am working on it.

– Seems nice ! The arrival of Haas in F1 and Guenther at its head must be a big change for you, how did you react ? Do you like this world ?
– Well, I was excited it was a challenging adventure and still is. The world of F1 is not only the glitz and glamour as very often portrayed, it is also a world of very hard working people behind the scenes which give their all and that is what I like to see their dedication and commitment to win.
– What do you think of the championship this year ? Do you think you will return to the F1 Paddock this year ?
– The championship is different because of Covid and the new normal but I think everyone involved fights hard and the commitment is even bigger to make it happen in such difficult times. No, I don’t think of returning to the paddock this year.
– As you surely know, your husband’s notoriety is partly because of Netflix and his sharp answers. What do you think about it ?
– It makes me laugh
– I can imagine haha… We actually are in a difficult situation due to Covid19, how did you experience the lockdown ?

– The lockdown gave us the opportunity to be a family when all family members are at home, it was a very good time.

– That’s great ! Last question, we are approaching the year-end festivities, have you already planned something ?

– We usually go to back to Italy for Christmas to be with our families and we are very much looking forward to it

– Sounds good ! Thanks you so much for this little talk

– No worries”

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