Little talk with Elena

Little talk with Elena

At only 22, Elena is an accomplished business woman. Egerie and model of several Italian brands like Bruna Couture, student in business management and polyglot, Elena is a role model of independent woman who knew how to realize her dream. She tells us today about her career, her inspirations and her future plans, both professional and personal.

“Hello Elena, how are you ?

Great thanks and you ?

– Fine thanks, so let me introduce you ! You’re a 22 years old Italian woman and you actually date Esteban since 2017. Where are you in your studies right now ? You know what you want to do after ?

– I’m finishing this year my studies in business management and since I’ve really interesting classes on finance. I think in the future I would do something in finance world, or bank, or something like that.

Oh great ! So is fashion just a hobby for you ? Or you hope to make it something more serious next to your studies ?

– I love fashion ! And I find a way to work with it. So, I’m colaborating with some brands like Bruna Couture for example. It’s not just a hooby. Of course, studies is the first thing that I have to focus on, but I’m working to some work with fashion industry which is good.

– You must have been really happy when Bruna Couture asked you to be their new brand ambassador no ?

– Yes, I can definetly say that I’m so happy and grateful for the opportunity. She’s amazing, she works for Maison Valentino, so she’s so classy and we’re creating like really special things, you’ll get to see all of them. So I’m really happy to work with her.

– Wow I’m excited to see them ! I guess you have many projects in progress then ?

– For the near future, I’ve really big projects. In a few days (interview realised on September 13rd, 2020, you’ll get to see what I’m talking about. I’ve preparing this thing during the past few motnhs and it will be something really really really good. Hoepfully, everyone will appreicate it. But ya you’ll see, it’s something that comebines super car with fashion. So it will be super cool !

– You’ve piqued my curiosity ! I can’t wait to see this ! As a fashion lover, what is your favorite brand ?

– My favorite clothing brands are Twinset and Maje

– Now, a question a bit difficult, if you had to give three words to describe yourself ?

– I would say : ambitious, globetrotter (cosmopolitan) and communicative

– Interesting choice, as you define yourself as a globetrotter, what is your favorite trip ? Did you plan to do one soon ?

– I get the chance to travel pretty often, so It’s difficult to say which one the best one I ever done. There so many I really loved ! And at the moment, I’m not planning to do one. So maybe I’m going to a race but I don’t where for the moment

– Yes, I can understand, we’re currently living in a rather complicated health situation. Besides, how did you experience the lockdown ?

– It was good because I was with Esteban. So, we had the chance, for once, to be together like 24/7 for two motnhs, which is rare with the job he does. But I was far away from my family, so that was difficult. But it was good because I was in good company

– Isn’t it too hard sometimes to be in relationship with an F1 driver ?

– Of course, it’s pretty difficult to live a relationship with someone that is always around the world. For sure, Esteban does a really dangerous job, so that makes everything even more difficult because I’m always anxious for his safety. But you know everything has pros and cons, and there are so many pros. The important thing is that everything works well between us. So, even if I dont get to see him so often, we always try to find occasions in order to be together every time he gets home

– I’m really happy for both of you, one last question, what is your best memory in F1 ?

– My favorite memory in F1 is, of course, the first time I went in the paddock, which was Monza 2018. It was amazing but I really appreciated Singapore 2018 too because it was Esteban’s birthday and the atmosphere there is something really magic. So, Singapore… I would say Singapore, but I hope to come back soon in the paddock in order to live some more magical experiences. Hopefully, in Imola and pretty sure Abu Dhabi which is the last one so it’s really really important.

– Amazing ! I expect you soon in the paddock ! It the end of our little talk, thanks again for your kindness and the time you give me for this.

– You’re welcome, happy to help you with your blog !

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