Little talk with Charlotte

Little talk with Charlotte

As a young artist and architecture student, Charlotte made a name for herself. Owner of a brand of accessories and clothing : Sin’art, she reveals to us how this concept, both original and artistic, born. But also her career, her passions, her controversial relationship with Charles Leclerc and her projects.

“Hey Charlotte ! How are you ?

– Fine and you ?

– Good thanks ! So, let me introduce you, you’re a 21 years old student in architecture. You have your own brand named Sin’art and you’re actually in relationship with Charles. My first question is how did you experience your media coverage after your relationship with Charles became official ? It wasn’t too hard mentally ?

– With all the debates which happened, I think you certainly know when and how we started dating last year. A lot of things were distorted and misunderstood and I didn’t have the control on all those information that had been released on social media. We didn’t want to do the things this way, and let the people talk onto wrong info but at least I focused on what charles and I really knew. And in the end, we were the only one to know the real facts… It’s true that at first, I wasn’t quite comfortable because I expected to have a lot of criticism. Thus, it was a personal choice that I made, a life choice and today I don’t regret anything. Unfortunately, in life, you have to know how to make choice, then there are necessarily paths you take, and you also have to know how to leave people, to find others. I would have preferred it under other circumstances. So, it’s true that in relation to this, I had to improvise on social media, in the sense that I wasn’t ready at all, Charles and I, weren’t ready at all to announce our relationship to the public. I didn’t see it as something that people necessarily need to know, at least, immediately.

The officialization wasn’t easy at first, but I was able to take a step back from the situation and then really focus on the important things. The negative comments faded away little by little, after months anyway. But it’s true that there were days when it touched me, but at the same time, I thought : I should not let me be touched by it, because these are people I don’t know, these are people who have no judgment to have over my life. In any case, if they have them, they can say them, but I don’t want them to affect me. Today, I live it very well. I have a small community that is forming, I don’t consider myself as a notable person or someone who must have notoriety, on the contrary, I think that it shouldn’t exist but well, it makes me happy, I’ll not hide it.

– I’m sorry for all the hates you receive, it’s unfair even if they’re dissagree with you. Otherwise, you recently created your own brand, Sin’art, how did you come up with the idea of such a concept around your drawings/painting ? Are you thinking of rolling it out broadly? With more objects, more options…

– In fact, I started to create this concept Sin’art during the lockdown. From a very small age, drawing has been a part of my life, art in general, whether in music, in drawing, in architecture in all these areas a little bit creative where I have flourished since small. So, during the lockdown, I had the time to recharge my batteries. Well, I had my architectural studies, but at the same time, I managed to find a small creative field especially with those drawings that I started to create. I told myself why not put them to use, put them in relation with objects of everyday life like small pouches, phone cases, small accessories… that can also correspond to me. So it went a little bit like this, during the lockdown period, where I said : well, try to do something, try to create something, try to make yourself useful during this time, and try to create stories about things that affect you. For example, women or much more abstract things. Then, I did a little collaboration with Zari (ed. = Zari Phillips is an illustrator and a painter). It was really a small scale that I wanted to touch, not something too big, not international. Basically, I thought it would just be temporary so something really during lockdown. I have fun doing this, and then if people like it so much better and if they don’t like it never mind. It really wasn’t in the spirit of growing it more and more. But it’s true that today I still have many projects abound in my head and that are in progress. For example, the creation of clothing that I wear in everyday life and that also corresponds to the youth category, shall we say, at least between the ages of 15 and 30. But it really started from a desire to please me and to really be able to flourish in creativity as I have always liked to do.

To expand it to a large public, it takes a lot of work, it’s true that already in relation to my social network Instagram, it reaches a lot of parts of the world, in the sense that there are a few people scattered in the world who follow me. So, it already allows me to reach further than Europe, like the USA and Japan. Moreover, I take the time to answer every time to people who ask me a little more about the brand, about what I create, what I like to do, how it comes, so it’s also important to keep in touch with those who will exêriment the concept. And then like I told you, I’ll probably be heading to clothes/accessories like caps, tote bags… Things that are easily used in everyday life. There will surely also be sweatshirts, sweaters… We arrive in the season where it’s colder, so why not beanies. I’m working a little bit on this right now. It’s a field I like in addition to the fact that I’m fond of architecture, fashion, creativity even in this area I like very much. So that’s it, this project of this clothing brand will surely carry the same name as the accessories but more focused on the ready-to-wear. I have other project too, but I can’t talk about it.

– Wow that’s really interesting, I’m exciting to see this new collection ! I’m guessing you must have had a pretty good lockdown experience then

– Yes very well, I was very happy to stay in Monaco, with my family and Charles. It was a time for me to refocus on the essential things both in my relations with others, or even on me as I told you with art, drawing. These are things I was able to rework, and without that period, I would never have been to create all that I created, to reflect on so many subjects that still inhabit me today. So, I’ve experienced this lockdown iin a pretty good way, I’ll say. And then, Monaco is my country so I was so happy to come back during this period even through it was very long

– Isn’t it too hard to combine your studies, managing your brand and your relationship with Charles ?

– It’s a real organization and schedules that I have to do every week. Charles, of course, it’s obvious that I’m doing everything I can, to get us to see each other as much as possible, and he’s doing everything too, so that’s really something which allows us to make our relationship work, so it’s very important. It’s not easy, but it’s an organization to find, a way of life to find also, so I make concessions. And then, I try to organize myself to be able to diversify me a little in the brand and also continue my architecture studies which is the job I want to do and that I will never put it aside, that’s for sure. Then with charles, we really manage to find a balance between the races, me in school, we really manage to organize ourselves properly.

– Okay, so even if you extend your brand on a larger scale, your architecture studies remain your priority ?

– Of course, it’s my professional goal, to be an architect and to have my office in a second step. I would also like my brand to grow, but for that I really need time and I think it will take several years. In any case, I’m in Master and I still have two years to do, and I really want to not botch this two years. So, the brand project is part of my personal projects that I also want to accomplish and develop during those two years but ultimately I want to be an architect and have beside of course the development of my brand.

– We recently saw you in the paddock on several GP, you were following F1 before being with Charles ? How was it to enter this universe ?

– Yes, you saw me recently in the Paddocks. I’ve done all the Paddocks since July. You didn’t see me on the first one because I didn’t want to show us too much due to covid and everything. We still wanted to be discreet. So Hungary, Silverstone… I didn’t go in Austria, I was working. Then I made them all, except Spa. I hope to be able to do it again this year, by the end of the year, I will also have to call it according to my studies. Yes, I was following Formula 1 before, after I admit I wasn’t following as much as I’m now like I didn’t necessarily follow all the Grand Prix on TV, but that isn’t why I’m with Charles anyway and that is a certainty. From the first day I knew him, I started to really watch all the GPs, which is quite normal when your boyfriend is on TV and he takes risks. What is certain is that now yes, it really took me as a passion, and now I will be able to tire of it more anyway. I love it a lot, I developed a bit this mechanical side and everything to which I really had no attachment except watching it on TV or in Monaco in real life. I love it a lot now, I’m very interested when Charles talks to me and explains a lot of things to me about the car, how it works…and frankly I find a real interest. We really have an exchange with Charles, precisely in relation to his subjects, he explains a lot to me what he does and I explain a lot to him what I do in architecture, in art. That’s what I really like, the fact that we can really discuss things that we have in common, or not, like the car, but that interests me just as much. So to enter this universe, it’s a universe that is quite special, it’s a universe that is quite elitist. But in itself, it’s a universe that is quite magical in the sense that I think everyone dreams one day of seeing it with their own eyes. I’m lucky to be able to see it, and I’m aware of that. After all, it’s a special universe, special people… There’s a lot of waiting time, at least when you’re in the paddocks, for me. It’s true that Charles, has impressive programs and I’m just here, quiet, I look at all this, and I stress a little. Especially with this period of Covid19, there is much less attractiveness in the Paddocks, that’s clear. But entering this world is special, but it’s good people, it’s pretty nice

– Have you ever met a few wags in the paddock ?

– I never met Wags. Oh yes, I met Antonio Giovinazzi’s girlfriend, it was in Milan, I think it was X Factor that we went to see live. He came with his girlfriend, so we talked for a few minutes. I think that’s it. At the Wags, yes, that’s it. Oh yeah, I saw into George Russell’s girlfriend on Monza, but that’s it. We didn’t talk at all, we just smiled.

– Many fans love your style, what are your favorite brands ?

– My dress style? I felt more like people were criticizing my dress style. But okay. Thank you very much. In any case that my style is criticized or not, it belongs to me, I don’t ask others to dress like me so from there everything is fine. Actually, I have two styles and I really try to mix the two a little bit. I have a rather classic style, let’s say, for example blazers or things like that. And then really come broken this style with an accessory or a clothe which is more streetwear or well that makes much more casual. I like to mix the two, for example stilettos and jogging, a little satiny, that I had put for the 1000 Grand Prix of Ferrari. My favorite brands, I have quite a few: Maje, Sandro, Zara… Zara I like very much because I always find my happiness, there are many things, the collections change often and I manage to dress quite well. I like it. Afterwards it’s true that it’s the only shop in Monaco where you really find your happiness all the time. The other brand stores are branded so you necessarily buy less. It’s a little more restrictive. After that, I’m a fan of bags and shoes so this is really my passion for clothing. So shoes, I really like brands like Alexander McQueen, Dior, Givenchy, converses, Vans rather high, Le Piquet I like too… I must have a hundred pairs of shoes and it’s something I love to wear. Bags also Jacquemus, Burberry… What else, the Saint-Laurent… Full of bag brands that I love a lot. After clothes, I stay more on bases Zara, Maje, Sandro. There is a shop called Il Teatro in Monaco which is very well too.

– Really ? Yet you would see how many messages I get from fans who want to know where your stuff comes from, where it can be bought.. I was even asked for your perfume

– Oh well thank you, that makes me happy. My perfume is Dolce Gabbana, the Only one I think it’s called. It smells great, I really like it. Afterwards, I really like Oud Wood from Tom Ford, I really like this smell. And the Louis Vuitton also smell super good, the Georgio Armani also but it’s not my perfumes. But I love to smell them and occasionally wear them.

– You’ve been with Charles for a year now, you have plans together ?

– We have a lot of them but after that it’s still quite personal subjects that concern us both so I won’t go on about it. But yes we have projects and I hope that all will be realized in the best possible cases

– Thanks you so much for this interview ! It was such a pleasure and very interesting to have so much details about you and your relationship.

– You’re welcome, it was a pleasure too”

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