Little talk with Caterina

Little talk with Caterina

Young student in aerospace engineering, Caterina has aspired to become an engineer in F1 since she was a child. Today she tells us about her career and her passions, but also some details of her personal life.

– Ciao Cate, come stai ?

– Hello dear ! All good and you ?

– Good too thanks ! Let me introduce you, you’re a 21 years old Italian woman who studies aerospace engineering and you’re known as Pierre Gasly’s ex-girlfriend right ?

– Yes, I’m currently studies a bachelor degree in aerospace engineering in Bologna, and once it’s finished I’m looking to apply for a Master in London in Advanced motosport engineering since F1 is my biggest passion. I’ve been watching it since I was 9 and the first race ‘I’ve ever watched was Monza 2008

– Oh fantastic ! One more woman who will work in F1 ! What is your best memory ever in F1 ? Do you plan to go on a GP this year ?

– I would probably say Monaco 2018. This was my first grand prix with Pierre and I remember the first time I entered in the paddock. I felt like a kid who, for the first time, goes to an amusement park. I was so excited buut also super shy, I didn’t know where to go, who to talk with, but Pierre helped me to make me feel at home. I don’t I’ll go at a GP this year, but I will think about it, if the situation gets better.

– What a beautiful memory ! Besides, we all have seen that you have congratulated Pierre after his first win, so I supposed that you’re friends now

– Yes, we are still on really good terms. I called him after the race and we had a good chat together, he was so over the moon which made me super happy. He even told me this victory is partly also mine because I supported and helped him through hard times

– I’m really happy you’re still friends ! As you said, we live currently a difficult situation, how did you experience the lockdown ?

– I had a lot of quality time with my family, it was kinda weird situation but we found a good balance and everyday we were planning many things to do. I trained a lot, studied, tried to eat healthy and I was FaceTiming with my friends almost everyday

– You were busy haha, so what was your favorite hobbie and obviously your favorite Italian food ?

– My fav hobbie is probably dancing. When I was little, I used to take hiphop dance lessons and sometimes when I have free time I still dance at home. I really like fashion too. My fav Italian food, too many haha, probably Spaghetti allo scoglio but even Pizza annd Tortellini.

– That’s great, we see you dancing with your sister on Tik Tok it was really funny ! And I totally agree with you pizza are so delicious but I really love Spaghetti allo pesto too haha As fashion lover, what is your favorite clothing brand ?

– I have somany ! I really like Self-portrait, Zara and Maje

– Interesting choice, if you had to give three words to describe yourself ?

– Three words to describe me… Well this is quite difficult. I would say stubborn for sure, cheerful and helpful

– It describe you very well I think, do you have any projects in progress ?

– Yes I have, but I’m quite surperstitious, so I will speak about it once it’s officially done

– Oh I’m curious now, I hope it will work well for you ! Last question, we see on your Instagram you travel a lot, so what is your best destination ? You think to go somewhere soon ?

– I would probably say when I went to Los Angeles, even if I got sick two days after we arrived haha. But it was magical, it was my first time ever in USA and I enjoyed so much. At the moment, not really because of Covid. I haven’t planned anything yet, but I will probably go to Paris soon with my best friend if the situation gets better.

– Grazie mille Cate for this little talk !

– You’re welcome”

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