Little talk with Carola

Little talk with Carola

Mother of two and former financial manager, Carola told us in an interview about her life as the wife of an F1 driver and the dilemmas that creates.

⚠️ This interview was realised in Spanish, so I’m sorry if sometimes there are mistakes. I’ve tried to make the better translation. Special thanks to Guillermina for the help (lovingwags on instagram, go follow her ! She’s amazing, and her account is really beautiful)

– Hello Carola, I’m so happy to have this little talk with you

– Hola, I’m happy too

– So, let me introduce you, you’re a 23 years old Mexican woman, married with Sergio Perez and you works at financial

– Yes, but I’m not working right now because I’m full time with my kids

– Oh great, do you have plan to go back at work in the future ? Or others projects ?

– No, we can’t really make future plans, Checo and me, because of his job. So, it depends on which team he is or what he is doing. We will see what our futur is

– All the fans hope that he’ll get a seat for the next season. Did you watch F1 before you met Sergio ?

– I didn’t watch F1, I knew that sport existed but I didn’t notice it until I met Checo

– Isn’t it very difficult to live away from Sergio the most part of the year ?

– Yes, very difficult ! We feel lonely many times but I know it’s worth it, because he have an amazing job ! And it’s not a job that lasts a lifetime, someday we’ll be together forever !

– Adorable, thus the lockdown was quite pleasant for you no ?

– Yes, it was better than I expected. I was able to spend more time with Checo this year, because he was with us a lot at home

– So happy for you, do you think you’ll go to a GP this year ?

– I will go to Portugal, Turkey and Abu Dhabi

– Oh fantastic ! We will see you soon in the paddock ! What was your favorite trip with Sergio ?

– Japan 2018 before the race

– If you had to say three words to describe yourself ?

– Devoted, strong and happy !

– I think devoted fits you perfectly ! We always see you very close to your family, your kids and, very protective with them

– Yes definetly ! The day my children were born and my wedding are hte best memories I have

– Last question what do you like to do during your free time ?

– Spend time with my kids and make some gym session

– Looks like a good program ! Muchas gracias Carola for this little interview

– You’re welcome !!!!”

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