Kelly Piquet for Mirror Mirror Mag

Kelly Piquet for Mirror Mirror Mag


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Kelly Piquet recently signed a modeling contract with Micha Models/Talent Motherhood, a renowned agency that also represents successful top models such as Maartje Verhoeven and Bregje Heinen. The signing was “an impressive moment,” Kelly says. “Already during the first conversation with Micha I had the feeling it was right, I agreed with their vision. Micha sees someone’s potential much better than anyone else.” For Kelly, therefore, signing the contract wasn’t just a little thing. “It’s the beginning of a process of getting to know each other and finding ways that work best for all parties. We call it ‘learning to dance together,’ and I can’t wait for what’s to come.”

“I definitely prefer to stay in the background” – KELLY PIQUET

Despite her Dutch roots, which are very important to her, the spoken language is English. Half her family lives in the Netherlands and she used to spend a lot of time there. “I have great memories of Holland and every time I go back I am super excited. To be honest, I don’t speak the language very well, but I can follow a conversation and of course I know all the naughty words, haha!”

Kelly Piquet got her interest in modeling – her father is Brazilian racing driver Nelson Piquet – from her Dutch mother, Sylvia Tamsma, who was successful as a model in the 1980s. “As a child, I was deeply impressed by my mother’s fashion shoots in magazines. With every picture she showed me, I always thought: how tremendously cool. I hoped one day to have the same opportunity.”

Kelly Piquet graduated from New York’s Marymount Manhattan College in 2011 with a bachelor of arts in International Relations & Affairs. She lives with Max Verstappen and her daughter from a previous relationship in Monaco and works as a health & wellness coach. Having your own career, interests and passions is very important to her. “That defines you as a person. I am constantly trying to develop myself and am always willing to learn new things. Curiosity keeps life interesting.’ Her priority is taking care of her daughter. ‘You always have to think about and work on yourself to be happy. Only then can I show happiness to my daughter and pass it on to her. Supporting Max and working on my own projects gives me extra power.”

One of Kelly’s passions is sports. And yes, she says, workouts she often does with Max and his trainer. “I enjoy working out and staying fit. I have no particular goal that I want to achieve with it, except health.’ Of course, sometimes she has to make sense. She offers a tip she says you should never forget. ‘Always push yourself. Afterwards you will feel amazing. That’s important to me, and besides, working out really helps me clear my head.”

With her appearance, Kelly is relaxed. Au naturel she is at her most beautiful, for the MIRROR MIRROR shoot she is barely made up. “For me, being in balance is the key to everything. Although I enjoy styling myself and doing my makeup and hair myself, I quietly leave the house without makeup in a nice pair of jeans and simple T-shirt. That’s also how I feel beautiful. It’s your personality and charisma that make you special. Then you can rock in whatever you put on.”

Standing out for the sake of standing out, for example as “the girlfriend of,” is definitely not in Kelly’s nature. When Max once again gloriously won at Zandvoort in September and received the cup afterwards, Kelly modestly watched the ceremony from a great distance. Although the camera managed to find her and zoomed in briefly, at such times she prefers to be in the background. “I’m an introvert-extrovert person, you know? She explains, “I love meeting new people and would describe myself as confident. But sometimes certain events and situations can feel overwhelming and then I definitely prefer to stay in the background, especially at times when it’s not all about me.”

Being in the public eye and known on social media brings responsibility, Kelly says. “You’re in a position every day to inspire people. But people don’t see what’s going on behind this image, and that can lead to misconceptions, which is sad.”

The shoot with Kelly took place in southern France’s Sospel, near a waterfall surrounded by jagged rock formations and clear blue water. “A magical location!” says Kelly. “Very adventurous to get to, too! Through a difficult path, I and the team arrived at this remote waterfall. I immediately fell in love with the place. The special location immediately put me in a nice vibe as a model. I felt very powerful and feminine. The place is so special that I shared a sneak peek of the shoot via Instagram with friends and followers [over 1 million, ed]. Many immediately let me know that they wanted to go there to see it for themselves. I really love sharing moments like this.”

Kelly emphasizes that modeling is an important step in her career. ‘To take things to the next level requires a team that not only believes in you, but cares about every aspect of your work and image,” she says of Micha Models’ role. “You need a guide to take you through this industry. Micha Models/Talent Motherhood has a great track record in this area.”

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