Isa X Marie Claire España

Isa X Marie Claire España

Interview made by Marie Claire España, translated by WagsF1.

A ray of sun

Based on large doses of hydration and sun protection – straightened with a light makeup – summer skin is uniform, warm and luminous. Led by Clé de Peau Beauté, the ‘socialité’ Isabel Hernáez shares her keys.

Sea ride

Isa Hernáez wears the primer with spf 25 Pore Refining Mattifying Veil, by Clé de Peau Beauté. The reason?

– “My dermatologist told me that tinted sun protection further prevents blemishes,” she says.


After applying the Precious Gold Vitality Mask – “it is only five minutes and leaves the skin super luminous “- we used the Key Radiance Care Protective Fotifying Cream moisturizer, both from Clé de Peau Beauté. The result is fresh and radiant, as it protects from UV damage and prevents loss of hydration.

Warm night

Radiant Fluid Natural makeup base by Clé de Peau Beauté dresses the skin for a more elevated look. Moreover, to being kept intact for 24 hours, the skin remains hydrated and looking splendid, giving it a healthy and uniform glow. With continued use, the condition of the skin improves.

Q&A part :

– I work in the world of fashion, but my vocation is in the beauty sector.

Isa enthuses us, while she observes the products that Mario Rubio, the makeup artist of the session, has displayed before.

– I like both the treatment part and the makeup part. When I have an important occasion, I usually use tutorials to inspire me (even if it doesn’t do anything special to me later!). As now both on Instagram reels and on Tiktok routines are published so easy… My ‘saves’ are all that,  she confessed.

She has more than forty thousand followers on Instagram and the position she occupies in Scalpers Woman Company as head of styling explain this ease when moving in social networks, although she became known years before for her solid relationship with Carlos Sainz Jr. We met her during one hot morning in Madrid, although her skin, softly tanned, reveals a recent stay in Menorca, her tone is slow, and her forms, sweet, during our meeting.

You have beautiful skin. How do you take care of it during the summer?

– Although in winter I usually use foundation, in summer I only apply color protection and a little sun powder. Also, a touch of highlighter from time to time seems important to me. When you wear slightly low-cut tops, it looks great, if you add cream highlighters around the collarbone. On the other hand, I love to sunbathe but every time I do it less. For a couple of years, I always wear a hat and protection.  With my body, I am careful.

Do you follow a beauty routine?

– Of course. In the morning I have breakfast, do some pilates stretches, and then take care of my skin. I dedicate about ten minutes to it each days. It is a time just for me in the morning and at night.

Do you practice exercise?

– I do yogilates two or three times a week.

What do you expect from a cosmetic?

– In general, I look for a cream that is not greasy. But I try and keep the one that works best for me. This year I have realized that I need to start using eye contours, which did not exist before for me, and the best I have found is that of Clé de Peau Beauté. It is fragrance-free (usually allergy or stinging my eyes) and has a very rich texture. I apply a little at night and it has an immediate effect. The little wrinkles that were coming out around me were removed, because they were not from aging, but from dehydration. They have disappeared in a month.

What else surprised you about Clé de Peau Beauté?

– It is a brand that does not observe the typical steps. You start with the cleansing mousse, which doesn’t dry out at all, and has some wonderful silk cottons. You follow up with Le Serum, which is amazing, and the hydrating mist. And I finish with the day cream with spf 20, although sometimes, I apply the golden mask before (you leave it for 5 minutes and it leaves the skin super-luminous). Also, I always carry the pink balm in my bag. I lost it recently, and the other day I was in the cabin of El Corte Inglés, they gave me a sample and I keep it as a treasure. It is very natural, it just raises the tone of your lip a little.

Your beauty tricks:

  • Natural eyebrows. “I never wax them following my mother’s recommendation.”
  • Good face. “If you don’t want to put on makeup but you do want to look cute, just use the eyelash curler, no mascara.”
  • Feeding. “A holistic coach friend recommended that when she doesn’t see my skin well, she take gluten, eggs and dairy off me for a week. It shows.”

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