Isa Hernáez, the young stylist who always dreamed of working in the world of fashion

Isa Hernáez, the young stylist who always dreamed of working in the world of fashion

Interview by Maria Palmero for VozPoouli translated by WagsF1 (sorry if I made some mistakes, I do my best to translate it). Enjoy ! 

“At only 25 years old, she is already a styling manager of a fashion firm and knows perfectly how this world works, how has she achieved it? We talked to her to get to know her better

There are millions of girls who dream of working in Fashion. They grew up reading magazines, designing and dreaming of someday belonging to that world. To try to achieve this, they study careers, master’s degrees… but only some do. One of these lucky few is Isabel Hernáez, who at only 25 is already styling manager for a fashion firm, Scalpers.

Isa, as her friends call her, has become an inspiration for thousands of young people. “What have you done to get a job in fashion?” , “where and what have you studied?” or “what internship have you done?” are some of the questions most asked by Instagram followers. She’s living proof that whoever follows his dreams, gets it, but especially if you have talent and passion. We talked about all this and much more with her in a coffee shop in the center of Madrid. Her history, as well as inspiring, can serve as a guiding route for many.

When did you start to work at Scalpers?
– I started at Scalpers two years ago doing an internship, right out of college, in the Communications Department. I carried the communication of this firm and others, such as that of Vicky Martin Berrocal’s brand. And since September this year I’m Head of Styling for Scalpers Woman [smiles].
And what does a styling manager do for a firm?
– My job is between the office and the stores. As for the first, I organize appointments with stylists (those who teach the collection so that, when they have an event or work on a report, they have the mind of the brand and their clothes) and with fashion journalists (for the same, so that they know the collection that we have, the prints, the silhouettes, I send them material…). I like to meet people who work in fashion, because I’ve noticed that when you meet someone and you spend time with them, they respond much better. Before we sent everything by email, but I prefer the personal treatment, because not only are they left with a different image of Scalpers, but they also touch the garments, the fabrics, they know the story behind each garment… it’s completely different. And on the other hand, I also stay with instagramers and friends, for friendship or to show them the collections, and they choose some garment to put it on and post, etc.

It’s a little PR, isn’t it? – Yeah, it’s a lot of that.

I’m very struck by the work you do on Instagram to bring the brand closer to the younger ones. You are becoming, little by little, the image of the firm, what do your bosses think about it?
– It’s all spoken from the beginning. We wanted to strengthen the brand but not stay in the typical conventional campaign, of a model to which you pay and already… They thought of me because I already knew the firm and I came in just when they launched woman (it takes only two years), I know everyone and they said ‘who better than Isa to run this project’.
And you liked the idea? – Yes, very, very much.

I am very surprised that on Instagram, when you ask round of questions, your followers are interested, above all, to know how you got where you are now.

– Yeah, they ask me what I studied, where, if I did a master’s, how I got into Scalpers… And there are many people who also keep asking me ‘wish list’, because before, many years ago, I opened an Instagram account in which I uploaded accessories, clothes, inspiring fashion photos…

And what have you studied?

– I studied Journalism in English at the Carlos III University (Madrid), did a year of Humanities before and changed (I liked it a lot but I had the idea of doing Journalism), always with the aim of working in fashion). I started doing second-degree internships, when you couldn’t even validate with the uni, and by taking experience. The first ones were in a personal image company, and there I had the social networks. It was my first contact. Then I was in The Extreme Collection Carry Communication, in Drestip (an online shopping platform), and so I went, little by little.

You did an internship, from the second time in your career
– Yes, and that’s what I always recommend to anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to fashion. I got into Fashion Jobs every day, because there are lots of fashion-oriented internship offers posted there. To start with, it’s great.

You’re absolutely right, I did the same, in the end everything is looking for it, nothing falls from the sky. And going back to your beginnings and since you studied journalism, did you ever consider becoming a fashion journalist?

– Yes, at first I wanted it. My dream was to work at Vogue or some magazine, and be in the newsroom and write… Although I also shuffled the radio, because I did practice and I loved it. Well, I don’t rule out doing a Fashion podcast (There’s one that I love, although they don’t anymore, called Fashion Not Filter, it’s hilarious; two girls who are friends and journalists do it and start talking).

Before your debut, how was your contact with fashion?
– I have always collected magazines, and as a child I made very hard collages (to cut silhouettes…), drawings of figurines to which I made shoes, bags… I found some recently and it said ‘Look 1’, ‘Look 2’… [laughs].

Do you think that the taste for fashion appears or that one is born with it?

– Wow… I don’t know what to tell you, I’ve always liked it. I’ve always loved dressing, choosing clothes… even today. My friends tell me that what I like most about when we meet is the ‘pre’, that is, choosing clothes, makeup… [laughs]. Although, I haven’t told you this, in my family everyone thought I was going to be a cook when I was older, because I loved (and I love) making recipes [laughs].

What future do you see in fashion today? With the pandemic, it looks like some things will change…

– I can’t tell you… but what’s happened to me this year, with the confinement, is that I’ve noticed all the clothes I have. I was going at a pace that couldn’t be, this is that you have dinner and you buy yourself something especially for that event. For me it has marked a before and an after. Now I only invest in clothes that will last me, of quality.

The same thing happened to me, and I think it happened to most of them. Tell me what a normal day is like in your life, like what you eat for breakfast.
– Everything? Okay, well, look, now I’m trying to get out of coffee and into tea [she’s drinking tea right now], because it’s better. A normal day because I make a plan, I keep appointments and if I don’t have then I am in the office. Every day is different.
And you exercise? – Since the quarantine I got used to doing sports every day. Now I do not do daily, but 3-4 a week. I love to run, since always, or I do classes in the gym.

Any beauty secrets you want to share? – Well, I have a really good one. With the mask, I got a lot of pimples and I was recommended a tonic of Biologique, which is called p50. It’s the most. It looks like an ad but I promise I won’t get paid, I’ll buy it. [laughs]. You take a cotton ball, and you get, like, a little touch, in the areas that you have worse. It’s going great. And I wash my face in the morning and at night, and I put on this tonic (which used to be another one) and a moisturizer. And sun cream every day of the year.

And as for your family, do you have siblings?

– Yes, I have a sister, Carlota, who studies advertising and draws super well. She’s one year younger than me. We say goodbye to it with the feeling that it will continue to take off. She is only 25 years old and already has a position of responsibility in the world of fashion, she knows which keys to touch, when to touch them and how to do it. It’s very well-related, it has a lot of projection and it will go far, time to time.”

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