9 Questions with Charlotte Siné

9 Questions with Charlotte Siné


Interview realised by Maison Dorée on their Instagram Story

1. If you had to leave everything to live your best life, where would you go? With whom? 
– Hmm.. I would probably go to the Australian Gold Coast or Greece with my boyfriend and my family to enjoy a lot!

2. What’s your little guilty pleasure?
– The shoes… I spend my time looking for new pairs on internet, while I already have too many and it does not fit in my closet anymore…

3. When the restaurants reopen, which dish will you order?
– Pizzaaaa Prosciutto!! My big passion for pizzas, and Italian food, Italy runs through my veins.

4. If you had to change profession, you would be….
– Within a year I’ll be graduating in Architecture. If I had to change that, I would probably have gone into real estate or fashion as a fashion designer. Fun fact, when I was little I had two big folders where I spent my time drawing houses and dresses. Then I had to make a choice…

5. What is your best memory with your friends?
– I have a bunch of them, the most recent I would say probably the one in the Canary Islands when we arrived by surprise to join friends already there. Our little Casa de Papel show at the arrival surprised more than one, it was a memorable moment.

6. What is a celebrity crush?
– Without a doubt my love Charles Leclerc.

7. If you had to wear only one outfit for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
– Difficult question.. I would choose a casual look passes everywhere, with sneakers probably Nike Air Force 1, with a jeans boyfriend style, light blue with maybe holes at the knees, and then a small white crop top and a colored blazer (of course I wouldn’t forget my jewelry and accessories).

8. The accessory you can’t live without?
– Jewels, rings, earrings and necklaces above all! I wear mostly gold but my watch is made of steel so sometimes I mix the two colors.

9. The positive sentence which inspires you the most?
– “I’m the master of my fate, I’m the captain of my soul.” by William Ernest Wenley in the short poem lnvictus.


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