How They Met

Justine & Mick

We don't know many things about Justine and Mick's love story. However, we know that they know each other since thier childhood. Also, according to Norwegian newspapers, the pair dates each other since 2 years approximately.

Kelly and Max

Kelly and Max know each other since a while as their family are friends. For what we know, they started dating around September this year. They confirmed their relationship yesterday with a post of Kelly. Plus, Max joined her in Brazil to celebrate New Year.

Carmen and George

According to some rumours on Instagram, Carmen and George started talking together in Instagram, before they met properly in London in June 2020. After that they enjoyed some times together in the Soho Farmhouse of London. They made their relationship official at Monza.

Charlotte and Charles

After some rumors during August 2019, Charlotte and Charles made official their relationship in September 2019. We all thought she met him through Giada but in reality they know each other since 5 years. Indeed, Charlotte's family lived next door to Charles' mom in Monaco. Now, they'll celebrate their first year together in September.

Hanna and Sebastian

Hanna met Sebastian during high school (he was in a class above her) in 2005. After many years together, in 2010, they settled in a bucolic farm close to Walchwil (Switzerland). Plus, in July 2019, they get married during an intimate ceremony.

Tiffany and Valtteri

Many newspapers wrote that they met during their holidays in Tasmania in summer 2019 ; but after some verifications it's clearly false (any proof). In fact, they know each other through social media and met properly at the end of 2019. Thus, they became official in January this year during their days off together in...

Elena and Esteban

Elena and Esteban met each other in Valencia in August 2017. When, she met him, she didn't know who he was and the fact that he is a Formula One driver. They start dating in September 2018. Elena openly admits that she is now passionate by F1 and that she's very supportive. They live together...

Isabel and Carlos

Isa and Carlos met in the Balearic Islands in 2016. Isa often came during summer with her sister and cousins as Carlos do too with his family, who have a chalet there since a while. Thus, they have celebrated their 4 years together this summer ! But Isa and Carlos have a long distance relationship,...